Design Crossover

David Koma SS ’15
Gropius House
David Koma SS ’15
Corbusier, France, 1929
Derek Lam SS ’15

One of the most relevant artistic connections to me occurs between fashion and architecture. There are so many similarities in line, color and texture. I loved so many of the shows from NYFW and LFW this year because there was an emphasis towards structure, line and monochrome colors. When I saw images from David Koma’s show I immediately thought of Bauhaus architecture, especially the Gropius house, and the rest of Walter Gropius’ designs. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love clean lines and black and white. Kopa’s SS ’15 line represents the same design aesthetic as early modern architecture.

Derek Lam’s show also shared a similar aesthetic that leaned towards clean lines and structured suiting. Again, similar to Bauhaus, early 19th century architects that shared designed within the bounds of international style leaned towards clean lines, glass insets, and the lack of color. It’s easy to see how many forms of art and lifestyle influence each other. It’s especially easy to see how fashion draws inspiration from other artistic forms and architecture, that’s why I love it so much!

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