Fish Frog and Eveready cat

Attached are the latest assignments, excluding my technical illustration. I like the way that my Eveready cat turned out, although I may have bent the rules a bit. I tried to make it more modern, but I struggled with the text.

As for my technical illustration, I have been really struggling with it. I’ll post what it looks like so far in a follow up, but I have been having a really hard time finding time to work on these assignments. I work almost 50 hours a week, and I have four other classes, plus I’ve been shooting a lot recently. My days are 12-15 hours long at best. I barely have time to eat and do the rest of my homework let alone find time to work on these projects. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with work right now and I’m doing my best trying to get everything done! Thanks for understanding.

Frog fish


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